5 Animal behaviors that science is not able to explain

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Every day we learn more and more stuff about animals. Science continues to solve the great mysteries of why these non-human do what they do regularly. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know everything about them – there’s still a ton about these nature’s creation that confuses us to this day. Here are some of them:

Why cows face north and south while eating?

You probably don’t think much about which direction you’re facing while eating. But cows do – there’s a weird fact about cows that they eat while facing north or south. And while this is one thing that science is still trying to decode.

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How can animals predict earthquakes?

We know that animals can predict an earthquake since the time ancient Greece wasn’t so old. We even know why: According to the US Geological Survey, there are two types of waves that come out of an earthquake: a tiny P-wave and a large S-wave, Tiny P-wave arrives seconds before the large S-wave. Animals can sense the tint P-wave, so when they sense it, they know it’s time to run. So if your cute cat or any other pet starts panicking for fear and running off for a safe place, follow them because you have just got five seconds before everything starts shaking, just like a Polaroid picture.

Science is still trying to decode how animals can sense the P-wave.

Why do animals play?

This might seem like the most natural conclusion in the whole world: animals play because playing together is fun! Additionally, they also learn stuff by doing so. Playing romps build lifelong friendship, play-fighting teaches them how to fight in a real-life scenario, and everyone knows that Umm right? But my friend, we don’t know anything about why animals play. According to science, these couldn’t be the reason for animals playing. Well, scientists are doing extensive research to find out the actual reason why animals play.

How sharks navigate?

There’s so much about the sharks, like how they can navigate in the ocean? Despite the sea being much dark, empty, water space, sharks can go wherever they want or need to go without getting lost. We are baffled how they can do so, and science is nowhere closer to answering this question.

Why do chimpanzees wage war?

Chimpanzees look cute, but they are not as attractive as they look, they’re mean. They are so mean that they’re known to hunt, kill, and even other chimpanzees. What’s worse, they do it in an organized manner the same way we humans war! Yes – chimpanzee tribes have been observed starting a war against other chimpanzee tribes, which means Planet’s of the Apes isn’t an unrealistic movie at all. As to why they fight against each other is currently unknown.

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