6 Castles that you can actually buy

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You are probably considering an apartment, or maybe a home when you’re thinking of investing in a property. What you’d not be thinking of is buying a castle. But, it might interest you to know that there are castles that you can buy! Imagine after your first night there, and waking up in an actual castle. Gazing over the grounds, and feeling like one of those princes or princesses of ancient times.

Even contemplating the idea of buying a castle might seem a little gimmicky, but there is an audience for it. Let us take a look at some of the best castles. Sure, they may be out of our budget, but they’re castles for goodness sake! So, without further ado, and trying not to hum the Game of Thrones theme out loud, let’s look at four of the most incredible castles.

Duchray Castle, Aberfoyle, Scotland

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Scotland is voted as the most beautiful country on earth. Could there be any other place to purchase a castle other than this Scottish countryside? The answer is, ‘No.’ This 16th Century castle is among the wealthy and the most stunning we have seen and is the best place to live out your medieval fantasies.

Cloghan Castle, County Offaly, Ireland

This wonder of the 14th Century is jaw-dropping and epic. It was open for a guided tour of castle till 2000 when it became private property. If you really want to visit this place, you would need to have a higher budget of about $ 1 million. This castle is not much expensive in comparison to many Upper East Side apartments. People who can spend more could consider this castle as a viable option.

Fogelvik Castle, Valdemarsvik, Sweden

Sweden is a country filled with some history, mystery, and beauty; it is among the best places in the world. It is situated on a peninsula if you’re thinking of moving to a new home, how about considering this 18th Century castle. In the 1400s, Fogelvik Castle was home to King Charles VIII of Sweden’s house, now that’s some epic links.

Howsham Hall, York, England

You will have your eyes drawn to this Jacobean castle. It is the nearest thing to Downtown, that money can buy, and that is assuming you have 5.5 million! The castle is opulent, majestic, and beautiful, a triumph of brilliance.

Southern Castle, Asheville, North Carolina

If living in a castle seems excellent except for the whole maintaining an old building thing, this home that was just built in 2006 could be more your style. It comes with an indoor pool, a wine tasting room, and a home theatre. It also has an entire Roman Spa area with a kitchen, card room, pool, wine tasting room, and theatre entertain guests and owners frequently. Formal rooms abound, including a private oak bar. There are four complete kitchens, four garages, and an HVAC in a water furnace.

Castle Valer, Tassilo, Italy

Concierge Auctions are auctioning the castle as the family-owned it in the foothills of the Alps since the 14th century. From the foothills of the Alps, Castle Valer stands over the valley below. The castle stands erect on the foundations of a Roman castle constructed through the 12th and 17th centuries. It belongs to a single-family lineage, this incomparable compound’s roots are steeped in history, its spirit is revealed from the spectacular medieval and late-Gothic architecture, and its character shines with the resplendence of the Renaissance. Become a part of its background in the most romantic of settings once the gavel drops.

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