A voyage in Australia is like a round-the-world trip

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Visiting Australia is, in many ways, akin to visiting the whole world. As the country with its diverse environment suffices our need to visit the forests, mountains, and deserted area. It is like visiting the Middle East, Europe, and the United States all in one go. So instead of rushing your mind on the next holiday destination that is quite likely to be one of the countries mentioned above, visit this scenic country with its rewarding touring sights.

Here are a few examples of sightseeing in Australia:

  • Instead of French Vineyards, visit the Margaret River

Margaret River region in Western Australia, a few hours south of Perth, is a tourist attraction for years now. Two hundred fifty wineries in the area which is huge. Instead, you can head to a brewery, chocolate factory, or a cheesery. Or you can head right up towards the green fields, eucalypt forests, and further amazing beaches and spend the afternoon in the right way.

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  • Jordan’s Treasury building in Kimberley

This treasury building in Petra is a jaw-dropping sight. This site has been created by years of volcanic eruptions, rain, wind, and erosion. This spectacular development by nature and much more is in Kimberley. Like the Death Valley desert, a coastline worth noticing, Bungle Range and deep gorges that are similar to the South African canyons.

  • Kakadu is similar to the African savanna

Kakadu is Australia’s wildest region and is home to a community for about 65,000 years. It has fantastic waterfalls in the rainy season, and they get solitary in the dry season. Billabongs have crocodiles and kangaroos bounce through the bushland. If you visit the place, you will get to experience culture, nature, and history all in one destination.

  • The Red Centre

Red Centre is like an essential and viable destination in Australia. It is a famous destination in Uluru. Red Centre not just has a giant red rock but domes of Kata Tjuta that makes it an impressive sight. You can further visit a gorge at Kings Canyon, Elley creek, with its sandy-beached oasis and Simpson- Gap, where you will find very high rock walls. If you want to have an experience of being in another world, Australia seems like it. Red Centre feels like another world, and Wadi Rum is comparable with Mars.

  • Nullarbor Plain

Nullarbor Plain is a 1600-kilometer road that can be compared to Nevada’s Route 50 highway. It is one of the loneliest roads with green pastures on either side of the road. If you are looking for an adventure, have a surreal experience here.

  • Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

If you happen NOT to take the path of being lonely and discover its discrepancies, here is some scenic route – Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The route between Allansford and Torquay is filled with natural beauties like the bays and waves, the sandstone cliffs, and dense rainforest. This part of Australia is famous for the Twelve Apostles, even though only eight are left. You can have a friendly local life experience by having a stroll along the beach and head towards the rainforest and settle in a local pub later for a pint.

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