Amazingly colorful natural wonders on the Earth

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Even the little things like the butterfly is a colorful beauty. It is naturally patterned and painted so well that its beauty is part of one of the scenic natural wonders on the Earth. A butterfly is a small and living example. There are many other colorful wonders of nature in the form of rainforests and the like. Read on to explore some colorful Natural Wonders on the Earth.

Coral Reef: Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Are you curious as to where you will find a wide variety of coral fish and mollusks? Well, we have various coral reefs all around the world, but the one nearby the Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia is famous for having an exceptional array of species. Gerald Allen, a coral reef fish expert of the Western Australia Museum, directed the very first detailed survey of the area that the Conservation International coordinated it in 2001.

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But, immediately, the record was broken by Allen by finding out the number of fish and species in two dives. The creatures on coral reefs contained the coral themselves. They use their lively colors for camouflage, as well as to attract companions, bully foes, trick predators, catch prey, and much more.

Fall Foliage

Autumn Foliage a unique and unusual autumn phenomenon that is a colorful natural wonder found in New England. Various parts of the country receive this amazing colorful autumn; in Colorado, every year leaves turn vibrant bright and yellow colors highlighting the land below the Rocky Mountains.

Leaves change color due to pigments called anthocyanins. Since the weather becomes colder, leaves struggle to move the sugar they produce throughout the warmer daytime hours into the branches and trunk. Anthocyanins help the plant recover nourishment until they fall off and create the glowing colors we associate with fall.

Antelope Canyon: Page, Arizona

Located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon is known for the herds of pronghorn antelope that used to roam the area. With its vibrant colors and effortless accessibility, it’s not surprising that Antelope could be your most visited and most photographed slot canyon at the Southwest. Visitors must go having an accredited guide and range of tours that vary from $30 to $80, based on the period of the tour. Although a lot of breathtaking photographs with this landmark exist, it is rather tricky to shoot photos in the field as light reflects on the walls of the canyon.

Lake Hillier: Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia

When viewed from the beach, Lake Hillier looks bubble gum-colored from the atmosphere; the waters show a less dramatic pink hue. Nobody is sure where the color arises from. The good guesses are that it is just like the pink salt lakes within the region; the color might appear from the organisms Dunaliella salina along with Halobacteria. Its color might be due to halophilic bacteria that reside in the salt crusts of Hillier. Therefore individuals can enjoy a dip in its specific waters. In any event, the lake is very safe for swimming.

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