Antelope canyon: a colorful slot canyon

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The state of Arizona is famous for its impressive natural attraction, but one of the most famous and astonishing sites is Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon situated near Page.

Antelope Canyon is filled with smooth curves, narrow passages, and warm tones of this sandstone slot canyon. It will make you feel fabulous, along with thousands of tourists who visit this stunning canyon every day.

The canyon consists of two slot sections known as Upper Antelope Canyon; it’s known for the light beams, falling sand, and Lower Antelope, which is famous for its narrow passageways and ladders.

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Why visiting Lower Antelope Canyon is a great choice?

Okay, most of the people won’t be having time to visit both the slots, so they would have to choose one. If you are in the same situation, then we’ll recommend you go with Lower Antelope Canyon, well there are a few reasons for it. Here are they:

First off, the tours to Lower Antelope are way cheaper and frequent (running every half an hour), so you don’t have to book in advance as necessary for the upper canyon.

Lower Antelope Canyon is also brighter than the Upper Antelope. The reason for this is it’s V shape (wider at the top & narrower at the bottom). For good photographs, it’s essential to have the right amount of light.

Well, we have also heard that Lower Antelope Canyon is less famous and crowded than Upper Antelope, but you can also experience a good crowd here.

And lastly, visiting Lower Antelope Canyon is much more adventurous and fun as compared to Upper Antelope Canyon.

The above mentioned were the reasons why we recommend you to visit Lower Antelope Canyon.

Experiencing Lower Antelope Canyon

At the entrance of the canyon, you’ll first see five flights of stairs which you have to use to reach the canyon floor. As you’ll go downstairs, we’re sure your excitement will keep on building with every step, and you’ll be much more eager to find out how beautiful and eye-pleasing the Lower Antelope Canyon is.

The gentle curving lines in the rock in Antelope Canyon create an illusion of waves, swilling around you in a flood of colors. Red, orange, pink, purple, and blue colors on the rocks danced with light and shadow add more drama to the already beautiful location.

Final words

When you visit this place, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream, it’s just so gorgeous. It’s a must-visit place if you’re in Arizona. Words can’t explain how beautiful this place is, and this place is way more impressive than photographs show. This place is worth visiting and if you’re planning to make a trip, why not choose Arizona and visit the Antelope Canyon, we are sure you won’t regret it.

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