Catch your favorite animals in a zoo while staying indoors

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As you know, “staying in is the new going out,” especially these days because of a massive lockdown due to the outburst of the coronavirus pandemic. So to have an exciting time at your home, most of the museums, zoos, theme parks, and concerts have made virtual tours or show facilities available for the viewers online.

If you or your child is an animal lover and is missing to go out to the zoo, so this article is for you. Most of the zoos have started an online live streaming show so that people never miss out on any of the fun while staying indoors. If you are excited, then let’s have a look at how this works!

Live streaming shows from the zoo

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Many worldwide zoos have set up live-streaming cameras in some of the parts of the zoo. Like if you are interested in watching the aquatic life, then you can visit Georgia Aquarium’s website to check out their live streaming videos of Beluga whales (friendliest whales in the ocean). Also, Monterey Aquarium offers a live stream that includes sharks, jelly cam, penguins, and coral reefs. Another popular option is the Atlanta Zoo. It displays live streams the life of Pandas, and their adorable antics are fun to watch. If you want to watch more of Pandas, then you can also tune in to the live video of San Diego Zoo. They not only stream the videos of Panda but also of elephants, apes, koalas, and many more. Also, if you are interested in closely watching the lives of giraffes while sitting in your living room, then you can switch the streaming videos of Houston Zoo; and also catch up with the habitat of some gorillas or rhinos.

The virtual zoo is available online for you to watch any time while staying indoors. It has more or less proven to be quite an entertaining thing for the people to do during the quarantine.

What are the benefits of the virtual zoo?

It might be quite challenging for people to stay at home because most of the people are always on the go for work or travel purposes. But people are forcefully staying indoors because of the life-wrecking coronavirus outbreak. Thus, to help people to stay happily at home, most of the zoos have taken the initiative and started an online virtual zoo. The primary benefit of this stream is that watching cute animals can prove to be a great distraction in your lives.

As per the research of psychology students at Hiroshima University in Japan, taking a break from your work or daily chores to watch pictures of videos of cute animals has proven to improve a person’s performance and enhances their focus. Besides that, it also helps to relieve stress and tension. It is why it is great to watch live streaming virtual zoo regularly.

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