Great locations for eco-volunteering

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Tourism is a great option to nurture and give rise to eco-volunteering. Eco-volunteering is a great way to give back to the environment while experiencing whatever it has to offer you. Tourism has had a massive impact on the ecosystem, creatures, and cultures of a place. The effect of tourism is often negative, while the economy of a particular nation can improve. Pick for yourself a trip with an option of eco-volunteering; this will help you devise your path that is distinctive and will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are some great locations for eco-volunteering trips

-Marine Conservation in Belize

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The Caribbean paradise in Belize provides some of the least expensive volunteer opportunities in the world. Their marine conservation opportunities stand out while there are many unique and intriguing eco-tourism chances in this Central American state.

You can fly down to this marine conservation and stay on an exclusive island along with volunteers to dive and swim in the surrounding waters. There, you might help all types of marine life that are local. You must possess a license; if not, then you can always get PADI-certified in the initial days of your stay, this might take up to three days.

You being Eco-volunteers will be led by the local scientists to save the populations of queen conches, whale sharks, lobsters, and much more. Belize has all kinds of amazing things to see and do during your spare time, and with five hours of eco-volunteering each day, you have ample time in your hand to explore the rest of the place. You can visit ancient Mayan pyramids, stroll along scenic beaches, or go kayaking.

-The Orangutan Project in Borneo

Become a part of the fantastic Orangutan Project as Orangutans are endangered species. Visit Borneo to help improve their dwindling populations. Borneo has some of the oldest rainforests in the world, and therefore home to varied species of plants and animals.

This truly amazing Orangutan Project is situated at the Matang Wildlife Center. Ecotourism in Borneo will place you in such wild and untamed locations. Further, orangutans are not the only endangered species to be found in Borneo. There are many other threatened animals like tarsiers, sun bears, and binturongs, which you’ll be able to help in Borneo.

Eco-volunteers will have to fight much to combat deforestation that leaves these Orangutans and other animals no place to live and get orphaned. Apart from that, you can initiate a life-changing experience by visiting the glorious rainforest that surrounds you.

-Desert Conservation in Israel

Various animal species, including the tortoises, leopards, oryxes, and sand cats, can be found in these fantastic deserts of Israel. Eco-Volunteering here is all about assistance to repopulate the area and restore the landscape to its former glory. Furthermore, these creatures are native to the Negev region.

You can travel to the Arabah Desert and work simultaneously with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. Your activities include things like feeding the animals.

In your free time, explore the local area where Bedouin people still ramble. A trip to a coral reef is included if you want to cool off, and you will receive a guided tour of Tel Aviv to experience the remarkable culture.

With the cause of eco-conservation in hand, you can visit the world cheaply and make significant contributions by eco-volunteering. Without costing too much, you can create a substantial contribution; however, you’ll also experience some of the world’s most incredible locations.

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