Let’s imagine a world without mosquitoes

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Imagining a world without mosquitoes, it’s tough, isn’t it? They have been known as one of the deadliest creatures on Earth, well except for humans. It is tough to imagine that a mosquito that weighs just a couple of milligrams and a few centimeters long could potentially cause fatal diseases. These blood-sucking, biting mosquitoes have around more than 100 species around the world.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the major disease caused by mosquitoes is malaria that kills around 435,000 people every year around the globe.

But even if we are successful in eradicating mosquitoes from the planet, will it come with all of the good news? Well, let’s find out.

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Eradication of mosquitoes may lead to disturbance in the food chain and environment. But in some cases, it might prove to be a good symbol as well. So let’s find out from different perspectives, what possibly can happen to the environment if there would be no mosquitoes.

Species of bird and bat could suffer

These animals feast on mosquitoes and rely heavily on them. North Carolina Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources in Winston-Salem revealed that there some migratory birds that nest in the tundra region, which feed on mosquitoes. If they don’t get mosquitoes to eat, then it is likely to drop down their population by more than 50 percent.

Fishes might also suffer

The case doesn’t limit to just warm-blooded animals, but there are other animals too that would stand at the risk. There are plenty of insects and fishes that feed on the larvae of mosquitoes.

Problem in pollination

Just like bees and butterflies, mosquitoes are also responsible for pollinating services. They carry pollen from one place to another on their feet. So it is possible that if we try to wipe out mosquitoes, there could be an imminent collapse of essential food-pollination.

Effect on Human species

It is possible that eradicating mosquitoes will help many countries to avoid many deadly diseases. Every year, so many people cease to death because of diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. If we remove mosquitoes from the atmosphere, then the chances of people living longer will increase by reducing many potential deaths. It could also be a boon for countries like sub-Saharan Africa.

There will be less suffering, and survival rate from the ill effects of diseases like malaria would increase. There would be many positive outcomes like – less burden on the health system, fewer absentees from school, and many more.

The gap will fill

Scientists have made speculations that in case there would be NO mosquitoes left in the ecosystem, then the void created in their absence would be filled by other insects. In many cases, scientists also believe that the ecological scar which would be left by missing mosquitoes would heal quickly as other organisms would fill the gap.

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