Paradise Island: Tahiti

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Tahiti is a blissful island paradise situated in French Polynesia that is all about enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the ocean. For some people, the only place they have ever heard of in this beautiful island country is Bora Bora, but there is much more to this vacation destination than Bora Bora. Here are the places you’re missing out by only visiting Bora Bora while on vacation to Tahiti.


Tahiti is just an 8-hour flight from the city of Angels, Los Angeles, so it’s a fantastic destination for vacations. When you fly to the beautiful group of islands that place you’ll land in Tahiti because that is the primary airport there. It would be a mistake to fly in and out of here only, as there are many more places to see on these beautiful islands. In Tahiti, you can experience snorkeling, take a car trip around the island, and visit the 155-year-old market.

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If you are looking for solitude and peace from the city’s bustling life, then you should visit the island of Tikehau. Here is where you can get away from the city hustle and bustle to enjoy the isolated pink salt island. If you like wildlife spotting, then take a boat out to Bird Island, which is home to some of the rare and exotic bird species in the world. Just make sure that you don’t forget to bring your camera!


If you’re looking for an island holiday with a little adventure, then Moorea is the perfect place for you. On this island, you can enjoy Kitesurfing, canoeing, and paddleboarding. The waters are calm in the lagoon, so it’s an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. Moorea is also very much focused on art, and you’ll find many artists or hosts selling their creations.


Raiatea is also known as the Sacred island and is the second-largest landmass in French Polynesia. Raiatea means faraway heaven, and it’s also known to be the first island inhabited by humans. The main attraction of Raiatea is the fishing culture and boating. The island is home to many yacht companies and sailing boats.

The above mentioned are some of the beautiful places that you should visit once you land on the paradise island. Coming forward to explain a bit about Tahiti and its native people.

About Tahiti and Tahitians

People living in Tahiti are known as Tahitians. They are French citizens with complete political and civil rights. French is the official language of Tahiti, but French and Tahitian are both in use. However, there was a time during the 1960s and 70s when children were forbidden to speak Tahitian in schools.

Now, Tahitian is taught in schools, and sometimes it’s even a requirement for employment.

Tahiti island is a part of French Polynesia. It’s a semi-autonomous territory of France and has its assembly, budget, laws, and president. The French influence is only limited to subsidies, security, and education.


There is more to French Polynesia and Tahiti than just Bora Bora. These groups of islands offer something little different and will ensure your vacation to paradise island will be full of amazing memories.

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