The beautiful Rainbow River of Colombia

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The sight of Caño Cristales is something to behold. This most beautiful river in Colombia flows once in a year. It happens during the wet and dry season when the algae and moss bloom and has an array of rainbow colors. It is because of these beautiful occurrences in the river that gives it a unique name and character. This stunning Rainbow river attracts a large number of tourists every year. It is one of Colombia’s most extraordinary tourist attractions, so you must-visit this river on your trip to Colombia. Here are some quick tips that could prove helpful for you during your visit to Caño Cristales.

Time matters

It is time that matters the most. Caño Cristales is famous for blossoming character, which turns the river into a colorful rainbow. It happens during the wet and dry season, which is between July and October. This unusual spectacle is worth an experience. You can make your Columbia trip worth visiting by experiencing the astonishing beauty of the Rainbow River. You can even contact locals to grab some knowledge about the best time to enjoy that scenic view.

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It is not just a river

Caño Cristales is best known for the rainbow colors, which the river puts on only once a year. But if you are thinking of experiencing more natural attractions and unique experiences, then you must know that Columbia is a hub of lush green beauty. It has several numbers of natural pools and waterfalls. La Macarena National Park is also next door to Caño Cristales. While enjoying the exotic fauna and flora during your trip to Caño Cristales, you can also enjoy a trip down the river Guayabero. It is also a beautiful place which you must-visit to enjoy the natural beauty.

You must take out at least three to four days to visit Caño Cristales. You can start your journey from Villavicencio or Bogota. In case you decide to travel from Villavicencio, you can travel by a DC3 plane or by a small Cessna aircraft to La Macarena. You have to board a charter flight to La Macarena in case you are traveling from Bogota. You can spend the next two to three to explore the region and enjoy your trip.

Tailor–made Caño Cristales experience

To make the most out of your Rainbow River experience, we recommend the following route :

Day 1: Villavicencio to La Macarena

You can start your trip by traveling to La Macarena from Villavicencio by plane. You can spend the rest of your day exploring the area. You can opt to visit Caño Cristales, or you can plan a trip to the Guayabero river to enjoy and spot exotic fauna and flora. Then, you can take rest after your hectic day in a good hotel at La Macarena.

Day 2: La Macarena: Caño Cristales

You can start your day two with breakfast at your hotel in La Macarena. It takes a 20-minute boat ride to Caño Cristales. You can also spot birds, monkeys, and much other local wildlife all along the way. After the boat trip, a short jeep ride to Cajuche and then the final hike towards Caño Cristales. Before visiting Caño Cristales, make sure to opt for an excellent and experienced guide who will ensure that you enjoy the trip all along. You can also visit the natural pools and waterfalls for swimming.

Day 3: La Macarena – Caño Cristales

After a good sleep in La Macarena, travel again to Caño Cristales on the third day. You can start by exploring new sites of the region, including La Silla del Tinigua, Piscina del Turista, Tres Espejos, Pozo Cuadrado, and Las Escaleras. You can take a dip at the natural pool and enjoy a tasty lunch on your way back to La Macarena.

Day 4: La Macarena – Villavicencio

After enjoying a three day trip to La Macarena, head back to Villavicencio by plane post-lunch, and continue your journey to wondrous Colombia from there!

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