The scenic train rides in America

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If your goal is to travel, then the destination trains are the best way to proceed. Otherwise, if you want to go from one place to another as soon as you can, the train is not the best choice of travel in America. The dreaminess of railroad travel may be the ideal way to watch America’s most fantastic scenery and will simply take away your breath. Here are a few of the best train rides in America.


The Cascades train goes to Vancouver, British Columbia from Eugene Oregon, and is a 156 mile, four-hour ride. Its name matches up with its scenic beauty. From Eugene to Seattle, it is mainly filled with evergreen forests, and once the train strikes Puget Sound, passengers undergo an unbeatable view of the Olympic Mountains.

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California Zephyr

Even the California Zephyr train extends from Chicago, Illinois to Emeryville, California, covering a space of 2,438 miles. Retracing the path of trail pioneers who settled in the West, to go through the route, and it requires over 50 hours to travel through. It goes through Donner Pass, the red rocks of Utah, the Sierras, the Rocky Mountains, and then San Francisco Bay and starts in Denver. It is a great way to cover the West without needing to travel in an RV.

Cass Scenic Railroad

The scenery on this particular ride is so magnificent that this ride is meant to be a journey to Paradise. The train will be your original locomotive that was once used to transport lumber. It carries passengers up a four-mile slope with unique sceneries of the hills below. Whittaker Station is located on top of the ride, and it is just a restored logging camp. It is recommended to journey on the train in October when the fall is out.

Cape Cod Central Railroad

The Cape Cod Central Railroad is a ride through the salt marshes, cranberry bogs, oceanfront trails, and cute towns. They give an option of a dinner on the train or an informational sightseeing trip with fine dining. Both options take passengers throughout areas of Cape Cod that can’t be viewed every other way.

White Pass & Yukon Route

The White Pass & Yukon Route will leave you wondering who had been bold enough to build this railway in 1898. The train leaves from Skagway, Alaska, in three distinct avenues, but it all takes you 3,000 feet down the glaciers, mountain lakes, and waterfalls. This trip goes right down the path of the miner’s supply route. It isn’t suggested for people who have a fear of heights.

Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon, the American landmark, will surely get you stuck in traffic while visiting it. That is precisely why carrying this 130-mile roundtrip train that leaves from Williams is your very best option. It begins in Northern Arizona from the forests and then goes to a high desert. The ride also goes throughout the San Francisco Peaks before getting you to the Grand Canyon.

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