What are the six must-visit natural highlights of North Island, New Zealand?

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If you are planning to take a trip around the northern island of New Zealand, then you must know that you expect to encounter volcanoes, coastlines, and hot springs. Before you sit to plan for your trip, you must read about the top 6 worth visiting natural highlights on the Northern Island, New Zealand.

  • Coromandel

It is a peninsula that is around 120kms from the east of Auckland. It is rich in forests, dazzling rock formations along the coastlines, and beaches. Cathedral Cove is one of the most magnificent inlets that looks like a carved massive limestone rock. If you move towards the Coromandel Coastal Walkway, then you can also experience enchanting forests, white sand beaches, and bays.

  • Waitomo Caves

These caves are not like any other ordinary cave. It is the home for some of the most extraordinary creatures in New Zealand. You can feel that you have entered an enchanted world because of the presence of plenty of glow-worms on its ceiling. This unique and magical light show can be experienced during a boat ride or even while walking.

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  • Huka Falls

Giving any adjective would not be enough to describe the beauty of Huka Falls. The volume of the Waikato River is quite massive, and the passage that it follows is considerably narrow, which gives a compelling and rapid speed to the Huka Falls. It falls to around 11 meters path, and you can easily watch it from the walking bridge over the Waikato River. Another way to experience these falls is by taking a tramping trail from the Spa Park straight to the falls by walking one hour through the dense forests.

  • Mount Taranaki

It is quite similar to that of Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Mayon in Phillippines. It is stunningly beautiful and has a height of 2518 meters from the sea level. The mountain can be easily viewed from several parts around it and also from proper viewpoints and trails. One of the best spots to see Mount Taranaki is Lake Mangamahoe. And if you wish to look it from more proximity, then Pouakai Circuit, a 25km tramp that traverses around the mountain, must be your first choice.

  • Hot Springs of Rotorua

Rotorua is a town resort which is located within a vast caldera. It is famous for its geysers, hot springs, and mud pools. Rotorua has many hot springs that one can enjoy just by paying some fee. Kuirau Thermal Park is in the center of the Rotorua town, and it displays an excellent environment that is created by volcanism. You can experience hot water, colorful mud pools, and the deep dug holes in the earth’s crust. Not just this, but even Rainbow Mountain Scenic Reserve offers breathtaking vivid blue crater lakes along with hiking opportunities, which you must enjoy in the Rotorua region.

  • Cape Reinga

It is on the northernmost tip of the North Island, which is 420kms in the north of Auckland. It is the point where the Pacific ocean and the Tasman Sea collides. There is an attractive lighthouse that marks the end of the road in New Zealand. It is also a sacred place for the Maori because it is believed that the pohutukawa tree at its end has the spirits of the deceased Maori who jumped in the ocean. If you visit Cape Reinga, then don’t forget to go to Tapotupotu Bay (rustic camping area with lush vegetation, rolling hills, and white sand beaches) near it.

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