What is the skin color of polar bears?

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Most of us think that Polar bears are white, like the environment they are mostly found in. A polar bear’s fur has two layers – an outer layer, with long guard hairs, and a thick undercoat that has shorter hair. The outer layer of hair is clear, and the polar bear’s skin is black.

Polar bears evolved to have black color skin, as black is the best color for absorbing energy directly from the sun. The reason behind this is that black objects don’t reflect any light. Also, Polar bears are found in countries like Canada, Alaska in the United States, Norway, Greenland (these are countries in the arctic circle) – the colder conditions make it essential to absorb as much as sunlight possible when available.

The outer layer of the bear allows sunlight to get to the skin, but the reason why it still looks white is so that the bear can blend in with its environment of snow and ice.

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A Polar bear’s outer layer of fur is white because of luminescence. This all happens when the sun rays bounce off the transparent guard hair, and some of the light can travel into the hair, getting trapped.

The energy bounces around inside the hair’s hollow part, causing the reaction, which is called luminescence (it involves the emission of light).

Every time a light beam makes contact with the polar bear’s hair, the light scattering particles within it causes the light to break up and form more beams. Then, these beams are set off in different directions within the Polar bear’s skin.

When the beams bounce around, they create more luminesce until they come across another light scattering particle, and they start the process again, a whitish light is given of the hairs, which makes the polar bear look white.

So now you know Polar bear’s skin is black, not white!

Interesting facts about polar bears

  • Polar bears are known to use sea ice as a platform to hunt down seals.
  • Seals make up for the most of polar bear’s diet
  • A male polar bear can weigh up to 1500 lb or 680 kg.
  • Female Polar bears generally weigh only about half of the male polar bears.
  • Polar bears spend their time at sea mostly.
  • There are around 20000 polar bears around the world
  • They have 42 teeth.
  • Polar bear’s scientific name is ‘Ursus Maritimus.’
  • Polar bears can keep them warm in cold temperatures because of 10 cm of fat under their skin.
  • Polar bears can reach up to a speed of 25 miles per hour on land and 6 miles per hour in water.
  • The polar bear was the mascot for the 1988 Winter Olympics held in Calgary, Canada.
  • Polar bears have an extraordinary sense of smell; they can detect seals nearly a mile away.

The above mentioned are some of the amazing facts about the polar bear. Aren’t they so cute and adorable? But, don’t go on their cuteness, they can be as dangerous as a lion. They are a great predator when it comes to hunting and killing.

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