Why must you plan your summer vacation in Finland?

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A nature lover, a sports enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, what so ever you are, you will never regret visiting Finland. The place has a perfect climate during the summer months; thus, you can enjoy a wide range of activities on your summer trip to Finland. The best summer vacation destination has a lush of natural beauty; it is rich in adventure activities and many more. If you are excited to know more reasons for why must plan these summers in Finland, then go through the following article:

The first and foremost reason is that it has a clean environment

According to the reports, Finland has the cleanest natural environment in the entire world. The 80% lakes in Finland have an excellent rating for the quality of the water, and just not, according to WHO, it has the best quality air. Thus, the nature lover must consider this major point to choose Finland as their summer vacation destination.

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Nature offers scenic beauty

The sights in Finland are largely protected from any spoiling or destruction, thus, giving you a perfect backdrop for your Instagram picture. While you are enjoying your chosen sport, you can also enjoy the beautiful green forest, mountains, and clear lakes. If you want to enjoy the best scenic views, then you can enjoy them by hiking at the Koli National Park, by kayaking across the Archipelago Sea, lastly by crossing the steep rock faces at the Repovesi National Park. Finally, you can relax at a point and enjoy the sunsets of the Midnight Sun.

There is no end in the places to explore in the country

There are nature trails, lakes, and national parks that offer an endless range of places to explore here. It offers everything ranging from swampland to pine forest and from mountains to lakes, and many more such places to explore in the country. You can also enjoy there by going for a stroll in the countryside, hiking, sailing, and even by exploring the undiscovered or discovered trails.

You can enjoy off the grid activities

The best part of choosing Finland as your summer vacation destination is that in here you can go through the unexplored, remote, and unspoiled countryside areas entirely off the grid. You can completely relax your mind from the stresses of your lifestyle by immersing yourself in the tempting nature of the country. You can go crazy and wild on the adventure sport of your choice.

You have all the basic rights in the country

The government of Finland offers everyman’s rights law that states that everyone is free is a camp, hike, pluck berries, or mushrooms from anywhere in the country, including private zones. You have a right to cross the barrier on foot or a two-wheeler. But all this comes with conditions like you must respect the mother earth, you must spoil other’s garden in your greed, and also must not visit in the restricted zones. Not just all this, but you are also free to go for skinny- dipping in any water bodies of the country.

Summing up

Now that you have reasons to visit Finland, then you start packing your bags and planning the things to do on your trip to the beautiful and the most loved summer vacation destination, Finland.

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