Why you must choose Tulum as your next vacation destination?

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If you are planning to go on a vacation with your girls, then Tulum must top in your list of destinations. It is known to be quite a relaxing bohemian beach town on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. A vacation in Tulum promises to offer you beautiful and bright turquoise water beaches. Besides that, it is rich in eye-pleasing sights and underrated restaurants and bars that help you to unwind yourself from the real world. If you are planning to enjoy life with your closed ones, then this is the right destination.

Tulum is a less populated destination, which is just an hour ride from Cancun, Mexico. It offers a laid-back atmosphere that possesses a strong emphasis on the wellness of your mind and body. Tulum is the best place to enjoy similar sand and sun as that of the Yucatan Peninsula but with fewer sounds and crowds.

Tulum: a quiet paradise

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Tulum is all about quiet and peaceful beaches. According to a few visitors, it has the most beautiful beaches in the entire Mexico, with sparkling waters and white sand along the Caribbean coast. It offers a perfect atmosphere for you and your girlies to unplug the world and enjoy the serene beauty of the mountains.

Places to visit

  • Playa Ruins

It is the most recommended place for the people who are willing to look at the ancient Mayan Temples while sitting on the white sand.

  • Playa Paraiso

It is known to be the most beautiful beach in Tulum. Diving and snorkeling are quite popular to enjoy at this beach.

  • La Calavera & Los Ojos Cenotes

Cenotes, the natural swimming holes are at the beach, which offers you the pleasure of swimming and diving into the underwater caverns. You can experience something wholly serene and unique in the Cenotes.

  • Mayan Ruins

It is an archaeological site; just by sitting on its walls, you and your group can experience a spectacular scene. However, it is mostly advisable to visit the ruins in the early morning to avoid the crowd. It is the right time to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful outing with your friends.

Food to enjoy

Tulum not only offers excellent sightseeing but also provides a variety of delicious food. You can find some of the best seafood joints and vegetarian options in Tulum. It dedicates itself to walk on the path of sustainability. Hartwood, The Real Coconut, and Posada Margherita are the three most recommended restaurants that offer the best tastes to people.

Less crowded party places

The party scene in Tulum hides something for everyone. You can enjoy cocktails, a dance on the beach with a live DJ, especially at places like the Papaya Playa Project. There is another way that you can enjoy partying in Tulum by visiting Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar for drinks and live music.


Planning a trip with friends, family, or planning your post-wedding trip, you must give a thought to visit Tulum in Mexico. The place is rich in beautiful white sand beaches, social scenes, and history, which can never bore you. So visit Tulum to look back to have a pleasant and peaceful experience.

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