Why you must visit the Dolomites in Italy?

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Before you get into learning why you must visit the Dolomites, you must first understand what Dolomite is. So, Dolomite is a vast ground for enthusiasts who are looking forward to taking an active break. It is an ideal place to escape and rediscover nature and spend time in its peace. Go on reading and make sure that you do visit the Dolomites on your trip to Italy.

It feels fantastic to ride a bicycle in the Dolomites

You can nowhere get this experience of riding a bike through grazing farms, pastures along with the tinkling bells of herds of sheep to end up at the high passes. The Dolomite has extraordinary circuit fame, the tour de Sella, the most elevated alpine cycling trail. So you can ride on a bicycle to relish the most glorious views of dolomites.

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You get easy access to high altitudes

There is a fantastic maze of chairlifts and cable cars that offers you easy access to high altitudes. With the help of the conveniences, there is a lot of crowd in such places, but the areas are quite vast. Thus, it allows you to enjoy your solitude and stay close to nature.

Bon appetite

There is a diverse range of food that you can get your hands on in the Dolomites. Some of the most loved dishes are polenta, grill platters, pizzas, tyrolean dumplings, pasta, and you must also try Kaiserschmarren (shredded pancake dish which topped with fruits, honey, and dusted with sugar). You must always have a freshly brewed flavourful espresso to complete your meal.

Must visit the feudal castles and the churches

The castles in the Dolomites can make you believe that you are in a dreamy land of fairies and princesses. Also, fancy massive churches can make take you in the world of postcards. All the infrastructure in the Dolomites is extensive, unreal, and perfect for a nature lover to explore.

More facts about the Dolomites

  • The Dolomites has a mixture of Italian and Austrian culture.
  • The entire mountain range is designed in a way to reflect the war in an open museum.
  • You get a chance to stumble upon the hideouts or the tunnels that were built during World War II.
  • You can enjoy adventure activities, like climbing, paragliding, hiking, and skiing.
  • The rock wall of the Dolomites has a mixture of calcium carbonate and magnesium, which gives it colors like different pinks, orange, and purple both during sunset and sunrise. It leaves you with a spell beauty, and the phenomenon is known as the Enrosadira effect.

Winding up

Being in the Dolomites will never disappoint anyone as it has something for everyone, like if you are into adventure, then you go for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, paragliding, and skiing. On the other hand, it has lush green beauty for nature lovers, and it also does not disappoint the history lovers. Hopefully, now you are convinced to plan a to the Dolomites for your next family vacation!

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