Why you should take a road trip on famous America’s highway: Route 66

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Route 66 or US highway 66, also known as Will Rogers Highway, people famously call this highway as America’s highway as it connects California with Illinois. It is a very famous route for road trips, and millions of people every year take a trip on this fantastic highway, but what’s so special about this route? Is it just another highway, or is there something special in it as people say? Well, today we’ll tell you about the reasons why you should take a road trip along Route 66.

It’s long

Getting from one end of Route 66 to the other end is a huge commitment. You’ll travel over 2400 miles, going through eight different states. That means you’re going to have one hell of an experience, and that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? You would have heard a famous line: life is about the journey, not the destination, and that is a perfect line to describe Route 66.

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It’s fun

It’s not the same as traveling on a long interstate journey, as you’ll find many things that’ll keep you interested during this route. It’s a well-trodden route that goes through many small towns, where you get to see rural America.

You can enjoy cruising along the road, not worrying about what lane you’re in, and enjoy the fantastic sights along the road. Make sure you stop in some of the ghost towns that were abandoned by their residents a few years ago. Also, this route is an excellent opportunity to click some amazing pictures.

You won’t feel hungry

One thing people love in America is the quality diner, and along Route 66, you’ll find a fair share of the quality diners. You can be safe in the knowledge that you’re never far away from your next delicious milkshake, burger, and fries.

On this route, you’ll also find many vintage 50s-style diners to give you that authentic highway meal on the road experience. Just try not to stop at all those places, or your trip will take way more time than expected, and your pants won’t be fitting you by the end of your journey.

The attractions

There are so many amazing roadside attractions to make a journey more memorable. While driving on this route, you’ll come across the WigWam Motel, Midpoint Cafe, Whale of Catoosa, Cadillac Ranch, and a giant rocking chair.

The MidPoint Cafe is a must-visit place, as when you reach this place, you’ll know that you’ve completed half of your journey, and still, there’s plenty of road in front of you. There are also gift shops on the route where you can find the perfect souvenir to remind you of this road trip.

Amazing people

What makes experiences more memorable is having someone to share them with. You should travel on this route with a buddy, to at least lessen the driving load. If you still chose to make a solo journey on this route, you won’t feel lonely. You’ll meet many amazing funny people while driving on Route 66.

Won’t it be amazing to experience a road trip with these fantastic factors within? If you want to go on a road trip, then Route 66 is no less of a challenge. Take a worthwhile challenge to have an amazing experience at America’s Highway.

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